Hello Mythonia Prisoners,
We're very excited to bring you our updates to our Prison's game mode. We have been taking advice and criticism from the community in order to improve this maps quality for all to enjoy. We hope that our Prison server can provide everyone with something to enjoy. With that said, lets get into the changes.

June 13th, 2020 at 4pm EST

In total, the payouts will come out to $1000 weekly, and yes this map will be a much longer season, with no set end date, here is the payout breakdown below.

Gang TOP
(10 Man Gangs)
First Place
= $150 PayPal & $150 BuyCraft
Second Place = $100 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
Third Place = $50 PayPal & $50 BuyCraft
Fourth Place = $40 BuyCraft
Fifth Place = $35 BuyCraft
Sixth Place = $30 BuyCraft
Seventh Place =$25 BuyCraft
Eighth Place = $20 BuyCraft
Ninth Place = $15 BuyCraft
Tenth Place = $10 BuyCraft

Block Top
First Place
= $35 BuyCraft
Second Place
= $30 BuyCraft
Third Place = $25 BuyCraft
Fourth Place = $20 BuyCraft
Fifth Place = $15 BuyCraft

Prestige Top
First Place
= $30 BuyCraft
Second Place
= $25 BuyCraft
Third Place = $20 BuyCraft
Fourth Place = $15 BuyCraft
Fifth Place = $10 BuyCraft

Circles of Hell
Our Circles of Hell have been modified to be harder to progress through, but more rewarding as you progress. We hope that this change will give players more meaningful goals for them to aim for as the mine.

Infernal Essence
Infernal Essence has been heavily buffed this map, you should now be able to see the effects of your infernal essence level more easily.

Satanic Pet
The Satanic Pet can grant a variety of bonuses to players including, Token Boosters, Sell Boosters, and Gang Point Boosters! These boosters are infinitely upgradeable through our Hellfire Crystal system. In this system, you can go to caverns located in each Circle of Hell in search of highly valuable Hellfire Crystals. Hellfire Crystals are an EXP source for pets, whenever you mine ores in the caverns, you will have a chance of finding a Crystal which can be dragged and dropped onto your pet to increase it's level.

Demon Bosses
Bosses are finally here! With our bosses we introduce 5 different kinds of bosses that can offer players a large diversity of rewards!

Prestige Mines
Prestige to unlock the best mines in the game! These mines are filled with incredibly rare blocks that will sell for insane amounts of cash and have been significantly buffed.

Prestige Skills
Every time that you prestige, you will be given a prestige token. This Prestige token can be used to upgrade one of our 6 prestige skills!
Shard Discoverer - Increases your chance of finding mineshard!
Adrenaline Rush - Chance to receive double tokens for a period of time!
Gold Rush - Chance to receive double gang value for a period of time!
Auto Seller - Lowers the cooldown of /sell all!
Metal Detector - Increases your chance of finding Lucky Blocks!
Pay Raise - Bonus Job Coins while Mining!

(All skills have been buffed)

Private Mines
Our Revamped Private Mines are back and better than ever. With these private mines you can earn rewards even when you're offline! Check out our store if you're interested.

Open up our brand new crates that are filled to the brim with amazing rewards!

With our backpacks you can mine as many blocks as you want without ever having to empty out your inventory! Infinitely upgradeable and enchantable!

Fight for mining bonuses at our outpost! Capturing the outpost will give you massive Token and Sell boosters while you have it captured!

Conquer the KoTH and claim huge rewards for yourself!

As you mine, you will receive Job Coins that will greatly amplify your mining stats!

Investor - Grants tons of bonus Cash to Players!
Spelunker - This job will help players find hidden treasures in their mines!
Token Master - This upgrade will have you racking in insane amount of tokens!

(All Jobs Have Been Buffed)

If you have a rank on our realm, you can receive a one time bonus when you login for the first time and type /reclaim!

With our Mythonia Pass you will be able to get a constant income of rewards for mining. Additionally we have a paid version that offers even more rewards!