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Prison Update | Automining

Hello everyone, same day and another guide :eek:! This guide will be dedicated to the automining feature on Federal! The autominer can be used whilst away from your pc to still earn money, and tokens! Again, this is another unique feature we have added to make your experience just that little bit better! This system is very early days, so if you have any suggestions be sure to join the discord to and post your suggestions in the Suggestions channel!

Be sure to read through the entire post to learn all about the new system.

What is an autominer?
An autominer is essentially you that mines blocks whilst away from your keyboard! So it gives you extra time to spend with the dog, cat, and family! This can be extremely useful if you're heading out for a few hours, or going to watch a movie!

How do I use autominer?
You are able to use the autominer feature by going to /warp autominer or going down the staircase inside the guard towers located around spawn! These will take you to an underground cave that when you're in the center it will start mining if you have time left! The system will decide automatically which type to use based on rarity type! The more rare, the faster it will mine blocks for you, and yes! It will count towards certain levels (as you can see at the bottom).

How are they obtainable?
The automining time will be obtainable in a few different ways,
The most common way of getting a it will be from any of our crates available here (read description)
They will also be a legendary reward from server events that happen,
And the final way to obtain them will be from the dealer located at the black market!

Hope you enjoyed this short guide,
Abstract out :cool: