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What is Mythonia?

Mythonia is a 1.8 - 1.16.4 server with a current focus of our prison realm with custom textures and commands all the way from 3d models to unique features that will make it unique for each new player. We soon will expand to skyblock and eventually factions.


When a player first logs into the server they will be given a starter pickaxe and backpack that you'll use to ascend the ranks from A-Z, after that you'll be able to continue the journey with private mines. However, to do this is fairly costly, as Private Mines are hard to upgrade.

Ranks and Staff

Once you first join the server you'll be given the first rank of the progression system. By using /levelup you'll be able to upgrade yourself to the next level.
Ranks are as follows:

- Start: Level 1
- B: Level 4
- C: Level 9
- D: Level 15
- E: Level 22
- F: Level 31
- G: Level 42
- H: Level 54
- I: Level 68
- J: Level 84
- K: Level 100
- L: Level 120
- M: Level 140
- N: Level 162
- O: Level 186
- P: Level 212
- Q: Level 239
- R: Level 268
- S: Level 298
- T: Level 331
- U: Level 364
- V: Level 400
- W: Level 437
- X: Level 476
- Y: Level 516
- Z: Level 558

Server Donors

If you decide to support our server by purchasing a donor rank, you will be given an in game rank and title based on how much you donate. We currently have 7 donor ranks available for purchase on Mythonia. In addition to purchasing a rank, you will also receive special perks and items. If you're interested in purchasing any of the ranks you can do so here.

Global Ranks

- Apollo ($5 USD)
- Kronos ($10 USD)
- Hades ($25 USD)
- Thor ($50 USD)
- Thanos ($100 USD)
- Zeus ($150 USD)
- Mythonia ($300 USD)

Server Staff

The staff on the server are here to help in anyway possible, if you're in need of help you can ask any of the 4 staff ranks on the server to assist you. If they are not able to help you can create a ticket on the Discord provided. Link here: mythonia.net/discord

Helper - General help and player support, chat moderation.
Mod - General help, player support, global moderation.
Sr Mod - General help, player support, global moderation.
Admin - The behind the scenes in creating the server.

If you're interested in becoming staff here on Mythonia feel free to apply here.